'Do you see the beauty in life, or do you exist?

Most of us go through life on auto-pilot, thinking we have no control over what we experience, settling for the same daily routines we need for basic survival. Yet, in life, we must experience our wants, needs and desires; love, relationships, food & water, security and a chance to experience self-fulfilment and empowerment.

These aspects of life make us feel alive and give us purpose to get out of bed each morning and live life consciously with intention, direction and the drive to make positive changes within ourselves.

If today turned out to be your last day here on earth, would you be able to say that you lived your life to the fullest? I can happily say that I am trying to live each day being more present, absorbing the beauty in everything and taking every experience for what it is. If you asked me a few years ago if I was living my life to the fullest, my answer would have been yeah.. maybe…

I honestly didn't understand how important it is to be present in my everyday life, and I now live my life with passion and purpose.

Here are some helpful tips I use today to guide me into living my life with happiness, abundance and gratitude.

1. Being mindful and present in all your experiences- When you start to become more aware of your thoughts and what you say to yourself, you can learn to be more mindful of them. For example, allowing yourself to become more aware of your surroundings and appreciating the smaller things in life like enjoying a nice coffee or taking a walk in nature.

2. Create experiences- Going on an adventure with friends and family, take pictures and creating memories for you to look back on. Talk about these experiences with family and friends; reliving them will bring you joy and happiness.

3. Do more of what makes "you" happy, not others- I have struggled with this concept most of my life; I tend to put others needs before my own, which at times has made me unhappy or left me feeling unappreciated. However, I am now more mindful of the people I interact with and have learned it is okay to say "no" if the situation will affect my internal peace.

I hope you try these helpful tips to be more present in your everyday life.



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